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Section Leadership

The SLC directs and oversees the activities and finances of the section. We plan the monthly section meeting programs,
coordinate educational opportunities for the section members, proctor certification examinations,
review and submit recertification applications, recruit new members, maintain our website, issue monthly newsletters to
members, etc.

 The committee is very low key and casual.   We have a very professional and team atmosphere in the meetings.  Everyone's
pretty easy to work with and friendly.  We've got several who've been on the SLC for 5+ years, and a few that are 0-1 years.
We'd like to target 9-10 members on the SLC.


  • Monthly SLC meetings.  Our monthly SLC business meeting is the last Thursday of the month, 6:00-8:00pm, at Viracon in

Owatonna, with dinner provided (a perk for your efforts).

  • We encourage new SLC members go without an assigned responsibility until they feel comfortable. 
  • Depending on what activity you would like to take responsibility for, generally an hour or two per month is typical for most

SLC members to address any action items.

  • Assignments include: Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Website, Newsletter, Marketing, Reservations, Cert/Recert,
    Membership, etc.

  • For example, our newsletter Chair typically puts in at least 2-3 hrs/mo., whereas the membership or recert Chairs may be
    only 15-20 minutes per month.
  • Occasionally SLC members will miss the SLC meetings, usually 1-3 per year, but it certainly works best to have those who

can be regularly at the meetings.  But we all have personal lives as well - no problem with missing, as long as there's communications
& action follow up.

Rewards & Benefits:

Involvement in the SLC is an excellent networking activity.

  • Free dinner at each SLC meeting.
  • Credit towards recertification units (RUs).
  • Leadership experience & professional experience.

If you would like to find out more please use the Contact us page and contact any member of the leadership commitee